Quick Tip #2 – Stretching the ItemContainter of ListView

Suppose you have a data template for a Listview. It so happens that the Grid does not fill the whole list view. Your content seems to be left aligned.

Solution: You  need to set the ItemContainerStyle for the ListView

<ListView x:Name="InviteLV" ItemsSource="{Binding}" HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch">
<Grid MinHeight="60" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" >
<ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>
<ColumnDefinition Width="Auto"/>
<StackPanel HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Margin="10,0,20,0">
<TextBlock Text="{Binding InviteName}" Foreground="Black" FontSize="26"/>
<TextBlock Text="{Binding InviteEmail}" Foreground="Black" FontSize="26"/>
<Button Grid.Column="1" BorderThickness="0" Width="50" Height="50" Margin="0">
<ImageBrush Stretch="Fill" ImageSource="Assets/Images/theme1_but_cancel_normal.png"/>

<Style TargetType="ListViewItem">
<Setter Property="HorizontalContentAlignment" Value="Stretch"/>


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